Creative Writing Workshops London

Ever fancied creative writing?

Half-day, one-off, creative writing mornings. Small groups (max 8) around a kitchen table with prize-winning novelist Diane Chandler and her publisher, Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Digital Books.  

The fun exercises are geared towards beginners but are also suitable for more experienced writers looking for a morning of inspiration. 

'Eye-opening and inspirational morning ... worth every moment'

Discover where your imagination could take you with our fun creative writing courses.  Intimate, nurturing classes around a kitchen table, limited to a maximum of 8 participants.
No pressure. Join in or sit and listen.

 'Great way to get those creative juices flowing.'

'Inspired me to write again.'

 ‘The most enjoyable and comfortable workshop I’ve ever done.’

'You both created a nurturing, productive and inclusive environment... though you made it seem effortless it was an extremely well-planned and considered workshop and I learnt a lot whilst thoroughly enjoying myself, which is rare.'

'Friendly and welcoming atmosphere... no pressure to share.'

'Thank you for a fantastic and comprehensive beginners' course on creative writing. It was wonderful.'

'Such a fab workshop, so much fun! Look forward to the follow-up.'

'Became aware that I have more imagination than I thought, an extraordinary discovery. Felt safe to share.'

'I'm going straight to the coffee shop to start writing!'

'Enjoyed the playfulness of it.'